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VPNC Android Widget

Please READ following completely!

* This Widget connect to a Cisco VPN Server (PIX/ASA/…) or a Fritzbox by a single click!

* VPN Widget won’t work unless…
- You have a routed (jailbreaked, unlocked) phone
- TUN device available in kernel (CONFIG_TUN=y)
- This app+data installed on the phones internal memory (not on SD!!!)
- And placed on homescreen as widget (not as app!)
- ‘Superuser’ rights granted on request

* Forget it, if all this sounds scary – VPNC Widget just won’t work!!

* Installation and trouble shooting:
- Install VPNC Widget on homescreen as Widget – not as App!!
- Doubleclick widget to change preferences and checking prerequisites of phone (if doubleclick doesn’t work, start Vpnc Widget as an App)
- Give “Superuser” rights on request (start Superuser app to verify and use newest Superuser App in case of troubles)
- Never use automatic Taskkillers (it will interrupt the vpnc service!)

* Restrictions/Issues:
- Supports Pre-Shared-Key (PSK) only (no SSL certificates)
- supports only one user/server profile
- credentials incl. passwords are stored at the phone (but hidden for apps without root access)
- if the “advanced routing” kernel feature isn’t available, the VPN connection may be lost when the WiFi hotspot renews DHCP info (re-connect it by clicking Widget twice)

* Disclaimer:
- Use this product absolutely at your own risk
- VPNC Widget is distributed on an “AS IS” basis, WITHOUT WARRANTY OR LIABILITY OF ANY KIND, either expressed or implied

* Succesful tested ROMS:
- LeeDroid 2.2, 2.3, 2.4
- CyanogenMod 6.1.1
- Cognition 2.3v8
- neophyte7.8.1
- JME Rotohammer(Galaxy tab)
-*) OxygeN-2.0-RC7 (Android 2.3, based on CM7 beta)
-*) CyanogenMod 7.0.x
- and many more…

*) works but misses Advanced Routing feature in kernel image (see Restrictions/Issues)

Recent changes:
Version History:

Version 1.15
* corrected issue of release 1.14 when running on Android 2.3 devices (use “Check Preferences” when upgrading from 1.14)
* chmod dependency removed

Version 1.14
* improved preference checking hopefully solving initial start problems
* change on dns restore bebaviour (now dns not restored when no default interface)
* improved assets file generation
* restrict maximum size of session log

Version 1.13
* correct DNS restore when split-tunnel
* support for Fritzbox

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Category: Communication
Price: Free

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