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Redditastic Reddit Android Widget

Redditastic brings your favorite reddit.com subreddits to your home screen!

redditastic is a stand-alone widget for Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich phones and tablets.

* Scrollable and resizable
* Choose any subreddit or the reddit front page
* Multiple subreddits in a single widget
* Override the default name with your own custom name
* Sort posts by What’s Hot, New, Controversial, and Top (plus each time span)
* Open links directly – it will use your browser, YouTube, or whatever is most appropriate for the link
* Comments can be loaded in popular reddit apps including reddit is fun, Reddit News, baconreader, Diode, Reddionic, and Reddita. Of course, comments can also be loaded in your browser.
* Edit any widget after you’ve created it by launching redditastic from your app drawer

If you like the widget there’s an option to donate within the app, but it’s not required – the widget is fully functional and does not have ads or donate-only features.

Note: Links which do not lead to reddit.com cannot be loaded in other reddit apps. If that’s important, you’ll need to use that app’s widget.

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Category: News & Weather
Price: Free

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