Sep 20

Quickly, type down stuff before you forget. Memento will remember for you.

Yet another memo/post-it/note/reminder/sticky widget application.
I decided to create something really simple and convenient.
This widget will take 2×2 tile.
You can simply input some text, and change it later.
You can choose background color.
With Honeycomb, ICS, Jelly or up, you can also resize it to the size you see fit

HOWTO : This is a widget, not an app !
To use it, you must add one or several widget via the widget menu, on your home screen.
Once again : WIDGET, NOT APP. Stop saying it’s not working. It works. Like a widget does.

I’m learning Android and I’m pretty sure there are a lot of improvement I can make.
Feel free to suggest anything. I might even listen.
I could only try it on two different phones, so please notify me if it’s not working.

Category: Productivity
Developer: Redwarp
Price: Free

Download Widget

Grab the widget from Google Play, click here.