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Last Call Android Widget

See your last call, and call straight back using this home screen widget.

*Due to a Facebook privacy policy, Facebook contact photos cannot be displayed.

- SMS display and quick reply.
- Ad free.

- Customisable 4×1 and mini 2×1 widgets.
- 6 colour styles, including “Invisible” for a clean home screen.
- Filler by incoming, outgoing and missed calls.
- “Quick Dial” for instant calling.
- Ads for Pro version.

Contact Photos:
Due to a policy decision by Facebook – Contact Photos are NOT VISIBLE except to built-in apps like Contacts.

Please Email the developer if you have a problem with the Widget. Market comments are useless for diagnosing a fix that may be related to your Android device.

- “Your personal information, read contact data.” Used to get relevant contact info from your call log.
- “Services that cost you money, directly call phone numbers.” Used to make phone calls in “Quick dial” mode.
- “Phone calls, read phone state and identity.” Used to refresh the Widget whenever a phone call is made. Widget remains idle the rest of the time, saving *you* battery.

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Category: Communication
Price: Free

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