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Google Merchant Android Widget

Widget to show your Google Merchant Information, Probably only works for android developers..

Now handles merchant accounts with languages set in.
* English (GB)
* English (US)
* English
* German #
* French #
* Russian #

# – language handlers may not be perfect, let me know and I can fix them – e-mail address in application.

Show the following information in 4 slots on the widget.

* Last Update – when the widget last updated.
* Current Balance – current balance under payments
* Today Purchases – purchases total from payments.
* Last Payment – last payment amount.
* Charged – number of charged items in inbox.
* Not Charged – number of not charged items in inbox.
* Cancelled – number of cancelled items in inbox.
* Declined – number of declined items in inbox.
* Shipped – number of shipped items in inbox.
* Not Shipped – number of not shipped items in inbox.
* Inbox Total – total number of items in inbox.
Advanced version will allow you to view a graph of the changes in the amounts of the above items.
* Summary of application listings in the inbox are displayed on the main view – Premium Only.

Screen to show the items you have in the inbox.
* Only shows the default amount at current time (50).
* Advanced version, allows you to
* Archive item.
* Ship item.
* View Invoice/Order.
* Archive All Items.
* Ship All Items.

View payments information, shows the default amount (50).
* Only shows the default amount at current time (50).
* Premium version, allows you to
* View items for that day.
* Login Details – google login details.
* Number of items to get from inbox/payments.
* Wifi Only – when checked, you will only be able to update over wifi.
* Update When Wifi Connects.
* Update Interval, option to update while phone is asleep – Premium Version.
* Notify Options – Premium Version Only.
* Notify on the above items.
* When value changes by an amount. or
* When value is greater than set amount. or
* When value is less than set amount.
* Change the colour of text when notified.
* Set notification sound.
* Set Vibration on / off.
* Set LED Flash, if supported in hardware.
* Sleep Time – For notifications, turns sound & vibrate off between hours.
* Widget Style
* Black
* Blue
* Red
* Green
* Transparent
* Outline
* Text Colour
* Set the text colour of the above items.
* Show on widget
* Which items to show on widget.
* Show Colour on Summary.

The advanced version is opened by purchasing the unlocker.


If you have a problem, please e-mail the developer, I can sort it out, Bad ratings dont help.


Coarse Location – used for advertising.
Internet – needs it to get the data!!.
Read Logs – for crash reporting. Nothing personal is used.
Read Phone State & Identity – used for advertising, flurry metrics, and internal purchase security.
Prevent Sleeping – for background updates, ensures phone is awake through the update.
Control Vibrator – for notifications.
View Network State – to know if network connected.
View Wifi State – to know if network connected.

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