Christmas Clock

Christmas Clock

Dec 23
Christmas Clock

Christmas is approaching, I believe that our software can bring you a different festive atmosphere. Merry Christmas!


  • Default language environment;
  • Date format custom;
  • 24 hours mode switch;
  • Compulsory English
  • Forced case
  • Hidden background map Settings;

How to add “Widgets”?

Method 1: normally, unlock the phone, in blank screen long press 2-3 seconds, it will pop up an selection window, select the “Widgets”, and then choose the list you want to add.Remember,empty out some place to put of them 🙂

Method 2:
Some mobile phone “Widgets” list is in the function table, such as :Galaxy S3 .The “Widgets” list is in the function table. as the same in the list you choose what you like.

Download Widget

Grab the widget from Google Play, click here.